Daily Demand

By Status

Increase revenue through accurate demand forecasting

  • Uses real time data to accurately profile demand
  • Illustrates the level of total enquiries by day
  • Illustrates year on year comparison to show variations
  • Provides a solid foundation on which to predict future demand levels

Daily Demand

By attendees

Improve effective use of function space

  • Shows the level of demand by day, categorised by the number of attendees of each booking
  • Identifies when large and small enquiries are more likely to book
  • Guides decisions on effective space configuration

Daily Demand

By function room

Maximise use of available function room resources

  • Shows the level of demand by day for function rooms
  • Provides an accurate comparison of demand in relation to actual space available
  • Identifies changing trends in demand year on year, month on month and day by day by number of function rooms

Enquiry Analytics

By Year on Year

Highlights significant changes in demand over the past 3 years

  • Illustrated the level of demand by month based on the number of enquiries
  • Displays enquiry count by booking status
  • Enables drill through to booking detail for all bookings

Enquiry Analytics

By number of attendees

Optimises effective use of event space by booking capacity

  • Shows the level of demand by month based on the number attendees per booking
  • Highlights the most popular booking size
  • Illustrated conversion success by size of booking
  • Enables drill through to booking detail for all bookings

Enquiry Analytics

By Lead Time

Grow revenue based on Lead time intelligence

  • Shows enquiries based on their lead time
  • Illustrates the most typical lead times for event date by month
  • Enables drill through to booking detail
  • Compares the conversion success of different lead time categories
  • Influences the effective scheduling of marketing campaigns

Business Pace

business pick up

Increase accuracy of forecasted demand and relative selling strategy

  • Compares current revenue on the books, in relation to any previous export date selected
  • Shows revenue by status and revenue pickup through the variance display for selected dates
  • Shows change from most recent export date in revenue by week, month or quarter depending on dates selected


Demand Forecast

Maximise revenues by identifying high demand dates

  • Captures forecasted or expected demand by day, for a rolling 12 month period
  • Maximise revenue through effective pricing strategy based on real data
  • Allows special events to be highlighted to drive awareness around high demand dates. e.g. Royal Ascot
  • Provides an easy reference tool for effective enquiry handling and consistent quotation



  • Set Pricing levels in relation to demand to maximise revenue
  • Create individual strategy for each room
  • Increase attendee numbers in higher demand periods
  • Establish minimum revenue expectations by room, by demand category

space utilisation

By venue occupancy

Increase revenue by maximising use of space

  • Shows three key metrics to establish how efficiently the space is being utilised – daily or monthly
    • Meeting room occupancy
    • Attendee density
    • Revenue per attendee
  • Allows for adjustments to ensure delegate numbers are counted accurately without duplication
  • Indicates if Demand has been accurately forecast
  • Identifies if Selling Strategy is being adhered to
  • Provides indicators to how revenue could be improved

space utilisation

By revenue per m2

Identify opportunities for improved revenue performance

  • Displays effective utilisation of space in generating revenue
  • Compares performance of individual days and months
  • Highlights underutilisation of space


By arrival date

Improve Revenue Conversion

  • An easy to read bar chart showing percentage conversion of both number of enquiries and revenue by month
  • Shows simply where opportunities have not been effectively converted
  • Highlights the efficiency of the enquiry team
  • Highlights the relationship between enquiry and revenue conversion
  • Improves focus on conversion of high value bookings


By metrics comparison

Proactively drive future opportunity conversion

  • A bold graphic display detailing revenue by status
  • Average values by status highlight efficiency of enquiry handling
  • Shows simply where opportunities have not been effectively converted
  • Identifies key short lead opportunities