Smart Space Launch

Since launching in January 2015, Smart Space has been adopted by some of the most highly regarded hotels and hotel groups in the country. Heather Hart, the founder of Smart Space Strategy Ltd. decided that the M&E sector had suffered long enough as the poor relation to bedrooms in this very competitive market. Having worked as an independent revenue consultant for several years, using a set of well received spreadsheets to back up her M&E strategy training, the time came to make a step change. 

Having worked alongside a plethera of tools developed for hotel bedroom business, she went out to the market to find a software developer who would work with her to create a dynamic M&E strategy setting application. Six months later Smart Space was launched in January 2015. The cloud based application takes daily updates from hotel systems already being populated with the key M&E data and translates it into a simple to read, easy to understand set of tools including demand analytics, performance measurements and selling strategy models. These in turn provide a basis to enhance decision making and increase revenue growth.